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iPhone 5s A7 CPU Reballing

iPhone 5s A7 CPU Reballing / reballing RAM A7, Error 4013 fix Reball CPU

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iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

Use this guide if your new display assembly comes with the front-facing camera, earpiece speaker and LCD shield plate already installed. All you need to do is remove the old display assembly and transfer the home button to the new display assembly. If your replacement display does not include those parts, follow the display panel guide.

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iPhone 5c Battery Replacement

Power draining too quickly? Battery alarmingly swollen? Just won’t hold a charge like it used to? Use this guide to replace the battery in your iPhone 5c. This guide instructs you to remove the front panel assembly, this is intended to prevent damage to the display cables. If you feel comfortable supporting the display carefully… Read more »

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iPhone 5s Display Assembly Replacement

Use this guide to replace the cracked or broken screen on your iPhone 5s by swapping out the display assembly. This guide will help you remove the screen and the home button for transfer to the new part. This guide does not include the removal of the front-facing camera and sensor cable, or the earpiece… Read more »