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Broken iPhone REVIVE (Turn NAND Flash Chip To USB Flash Drive)

E-waste is most commonly seen in repair shops. What you usually do with these logic boards? Throw it away? Wait a minute! You can also turn waste to wealth. Check out our video today and learn how to turn an iPhone NAND flash chip into a USB flash drive. Say no to e-waste and do… Read more »

How To Fix Black Camera By Jumping Wire

iPhone front camera not working? What should a repair technician start with? Follow our repair guide today and learn how to troubleshoot step by step. What’s more, REWA LAB will show you how to avoid further damaging the logic board by adopting a fresh new repair solution.

How iPhone X Boot Circuit Works – Logic Board Repair Online Course

The boot circuit can be regarded as logic board trigger circuit. To have the phone turned on, working conditions like power supply, clock signal and reset signal are indispensable. What’s more, CPU has to get key components into power-on self-test process and get the bootstrap imported. Since there are so many components involved in the… Read more »

How to Restore Touch ID of iPhone

How to Restore Touch ID of iPhone Due to Home Button Flex Broken?